Abandoned Shopping Cart Leads

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Outbound Sales from Abandoned Leads

In the dynamic business environment we must not feel a lead is dead or is being served by the competitor if the sale wasn’t closed by us. An abandoned lead is not the end but the beginning of an attempt to reestablish rapport with the customer.

We at O'Currance provide proficient lead nurturing services in which we get in touch with leads which were considered dead or idle by offering them a better more lucrative deal without being too pushy to purchase. We strongly believe in measuring abandoned leads and keeping a record of all possible information relating to the lead.

Case StudyIn the ecommerce business over fifty percent of shoppers add items to their cart not completing the purchase because they miss a sense of human interaction while shopping online. We aim at giving a human voice to brands so that customers are comfortable buying. We also remind the customers for the items they had added in the cart by giving them a better deal for the same.

Our CRM software captures all prospecting information possible relating to why the sale wasn’t made earlier. This information is used to anticipate the customers unmet needs while making a second attempt for call.

Our approach to the lead begins with a preliminary analysis of the reasons the lead wasn’t converted thereby drafting a suitable script to suit the situation. Quite often, the stage at which the lead was abandoned shows the reason for abandonment. Each lead is treated with a tailor made script and special coaching is provided to executives in handling these abandoned leads.

Our Executives contact all sorts of abandoned leads with a follow up call to build rapport and give the brands a human interaction, which could have been missing earlier. We have experienced over 5% conversion from abandoned leads, which have helped clients generate additional revenue, which was considered lost.

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