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Thought Leadership – Adapting to client needs

SUCCESS Rules, the creators of THE SIMPLE WAY TO AN A learning system, came to O’Currance to assist them in taking calls for their radio campaign.
The Challenge: When O’Currance initially began SUCCESS Rules radio campaign in the shared desk, the results were dismal. O’Currance proposed that SUCCESS Rules be placed in a dedicated desk, where agents will only handle SUCCESS Rules, allowing them to experience more of their calls repeatedly and giving them more time to progress in selling their product.

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Saving customers one at a time adds up

Saving customers on the backend is more than just extending the trial offer. That just delays the inevitable. It requires sales techniques and listening skills to remind the customer of why they bought it in the first place.
The Challenge: Major DR campaign was achieving a lower than expected save rate. They were losing too many customers on a continuity program and it was hurting their bottom line.

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Creating Customers! One Call at a Time.

A consistent Top 20 Infomercial Monitoring Service (IMS) campaign with a very successful retail and direct response intellectual property product had seen their direct response sales numbers plateau.
The Challenge: The value proposition they had worked so hard to develop and refine was not being positioned and sold correctly.

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