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Outbound Tele Sales Campaigns

Competition has become fierce and intense like never before. The presence of so many competitors has made it really difficult for business marketing teams to promote their products and services. Under such circumstances you definitely need the best player to be in charge of your outbound sales campaigns which is definitely no price of cake. O’currance Teleservices with a robust infrastructure and experienced marketers make real efforts to fulfill stiff sale targets through meticulously outbound telesales campaigns.

With experienced telemarketers in our team we guarantee impressive results. We have access to up to date database that helps us plan the most result-oriented outbound calling campaign for you.

Get in touch with OCI if you are looking for

  • Result oriented outbound telesales campaigns to meet high marketing or sales targets
  • Effective follow up services to convert the qualified leads
  • Direct mail response to all the queries and concerns of prospective customers
  • Brand identity or image creation and reputation management
  • High rate of closures
  • Multilingual telesales services to appeal to a global customer base
  • 24/7 telesales activities to ensure business operations are on each and every moment
  • Cost effective outbound sales program that reduces expenditure
  • A widened profit margin that put back enterprises on the path of growth

To add to our appeal we offer all these at extremely affordable prices. We understand the pressing needs of the time and look forward to assist businesses in increasing their net earning while reducing their expenditure.

For further information on our outbound sales services, please get in touch with us.