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Third Party Upsell Call Center

A customer service call is the only opportunity a company has to create a personal connection with the customer. Our mission is to provide superior customer service and make the best of each interaction to benefit our client.

We associate third party upsell offers with our client’s brands and products such that it compliments and creates value in your offerings as well. The offered third party product is well received by callers and increases the average order value of the call.

Our Customer Care Representatives are coached to adapt to the customers thoughts and anticipate their unmet needs by actively listening for opportunities hidden in their interaction. They go beyond relying on scripts and customers past purchase data, if available, to generate value relevant to the customers needs.

If we have information of the particular customer in our database of past purchasing behaviours and patterns, along with additional third-party information, used better measure the propensity of a consumer to buy - we tailor the offer accordingly. This patented process allows our clients to generate greater incremental revenue and capture valuable customer information that could be useful in future.

At certain times the customer may not be aware of the brands entire product line and he may not even realize what he needs is a different product altogether. Our agents are trained with live demonstration of the entire product line, which they serve which forms a desire to identify the unfilled gaps rather than pushing products without concern for how it fits or is perceived.

Our agents build rapport with the customers and understand their needs so, at the close of each inbound interaction, the are well positioned to present a compelling opportunity of an additional thank you offer. This co-branded approach consistently outperforms other third-party upsells and builds stronger customer relationships through merchandise-based programs that represent a real value to your customers. This approach if done skilfully helps over¬come buyer resis¬tance in a way that is not overly pushy towards unwanted products thereby creating brand value.

Remote Call Monitoring provides accurate and actionable feedback to our agents and supervisors. This feedback is used to identify where the agents could have used the opportunity and suggested relevant products.

You need is to introduce ideas to your customers that they might not have.

To upsell – cross sell your products and make your customers experience superior contentment contact us.